Cosmic Phallusy: Issue 1 (The Pilot)

Should I kill myself of smoke another cigarette? Hmmm, good question! Featuring an interview from the underworld with absurdist philosopher Albert Camus about The Meaning of Life, a gonzo exploration through the stratosphere with Psych Rock Wizards Kikagaku Moyo, magic realism, existential beatnik literature, travel journalism exploring suicide in Japan, and an essay about everything we think we know but actually don’t. Also featuring a pop quiz, colouring competition, find-a-word and more amorous activities. Shortlisted for the Broken Pencil International Zine Awards for Best Literature Zine and Best Overall Zine. Described as “an interesting, otherworldly and peculiar journal carried by a cheeky sense of nihilistic humour and strong literary skill”. Buy Now to Uncover The Meaning of Life! **Price includes postage**


Cosmic Phallusy: Issue 2 (The Second Cumming)

Well Hung for Carl Jung! The Second Cumming is here! Packed fulla 68 pages of irreverent information on dreams and aliens, an immersive adventure driven piece of beatnik journalism reporting live from the apocalypse, an existential essay dissolving the nature of reality, a gonzo rock n’ roll retail odyssey about national identity with Byron Bay punx Mini Skirt, and a chat with Brisbane sad dad emo rockers We Set Sail. Plus some collage art, a colouring competition, a pop quiz, an answer to why the chicken actually did cross the road, and Mr New Age Pseudo Psychic Know All Carl Jung calls from the underworld for an exclusive interview about UFOs, and whether life is actually a dream or not… Mmmh, sounds intriguing! Coz it is! **Price includes postage**


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Billy Pilgrim and The Golden Trunk of Porn

Hilariously twisted literary speculative fan fiction inspired by Kurt Vonnegut and his cult novel Breakfast of Champions. An erotic mystery and intergalactic adventure through space and time to uncover the secrets of The Golden Trunk of Porn, find the Creator of The Universe and figure out the Purpose of Life. A fanatical and funny 44 page quest for The Why featuring appearances by Deep Throat Planet Gobblers, Wide Open Beavers, The Notorious Hairy VAG, zombie alien robots, Spunk The Elongated Musketeer, Bruce Willis as Dwayne Hoover, a penis faced man with spaghetti in his hair, Kurt Vonnegut himself, and of course, The Creator of The Universe. An absurd, intelligent and imaginative dementedly poignant, poetic and meta cultural statement of our time. **Price includes postage**




Struggling to be happy? Find out 5 ways to beat it! 24 interactive pages featuring writings on the Deflated Penis, nihilistic poetry, masturbation lessons (including diagrams) and helpful resources and humorous activities to help cure your boredom and alleviate the pointlessness of it all! Go on! Get a LIMPDICK into ya. Try one today! **Price includes postage**